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       Our Services

Here is the list of our wide range exclusive services. These are the service lines, where we have earned significant experience and we can provide these services in any part of Afghanistan and hence project size does not matter to us. We have a successful track record of project completion in time.
    Feasibility & Appraisal Studies  
  Feasibility and investment studies  
  Technical, Financial studies and analysis  
  Marketing Studies and Proposals  
  Environment Scanning  
    Architectural services  
  Rural and Urban town planning  
  Architectural designing and planning  
  3D designing  
Landscape development
    Logistics Services  
  Fleet & supply & management  
Warehousing & Control systems
  Inventory management & supply chain  
    Project surveys & Investigation  
  Environmental assessments surveys  
  Surveys for water supply & Sewerage  
  Roads and buildings surveys  
    Project Construction  
  Construction services  
  Master planning  
  Construction of any size project  
  Quality outsourcing  
    Construction machinery & Materials  
  Heavy earth moving machinery supplies  
  Construction material supplies  
  Construction tools supplies  
  Manpower - Staff pool management  

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