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Associates in development (AID) being an afghan national company which exists and operates under the laws of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan was formed by its Executive Director Jalaluddin Saeed in 2002, which was later registered in 2004 with AISA.

As all aspects of life of the Afghans has been badly affected by the lengthy conflict, unrest and destruction since 1979, the Executive Director thought to establish an organization which could serve the nation, help in reconstruction process of the country , create opportunities of employment for his countrymen, help in bringing betterment in the life of Afghans.

AID provides services in consultancy, construction (roads / bridges, buildings) and logistics to different national and international donors and organization. These services are being dealt by the experienced national and international professional and by the grace of almighty God we have completed a number of projects for various donors and organization in different sector.

AID maintains a team of highly qualified Managers Engineers, surveyors and other technical staff and is capable of executing the business in the challenging environment like southern Afghanistan.

AID has been actively involved in the road construction programs and owns the desired technical staff , machines, plants and equipments. Due to the policy of the company for engagement of the locals in each development program and good reputation. AID enjoys the support of the local elders and government officials as well.

This degree of experience, combined with impressive levels of competence, flexibility and technical innovation, has enabled our company to provide a completely integrated range of construction and logistics and exactly match the requirement of customers across the country regardless of the size , location or complexity of the projects.

We are building force To build a new prosperous Afghanistan


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